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  Volume 15, Issue Number 13
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VOLUME 15, 2014  Issue Number 13 Published in July, 22, 2014
Feasibility of Computed Tomography Colonography as a Diagnostic Procedure in Colon Cancer Screening in India
Kanabagatte Nanjundappa Manjunath et al
DownLoad : 5111-5116 4.16 Manjunath Kanabagatte Nanjundappa (MINI-REVIEW).pdf
Anti Cancer Effects of Cnidium officinale Makino Extract Mediated through Apoptosis and Cell Cycle Arrest in the HT-29 Human Colorectal Cancer Cell Line
Joseph de la Cruz et al
DownLoad : 5117-5121 1.9 Joseph dela Cruz.pdf
IOTA Simple Rules in Differentiating between Benign and Malignant Ovarian Tumors
Charuwan Tantipalakorn et al
DownLoad : 5123-5126 1.16 Charuwan Tantipalakorn.pdf
Cervical Cytological Screening Results of 8,495 Cases in Turkey - Common Inflammation but Infrequent Epithelial Cell Abnormalities?
Ferah Tuncel Daloglu et al
DownLoad : 5127-5131 2.18 Ferah Tuncel Daloglu.pdf
Health Economics Evaluation of a Gastric Cancer Early Detection and Treatment Program in China
Dan Li et al
DownLoad : 5133-5136 2.7 Dan Li.pdf
Down-regulation of miRNA-452 is Associated with Adriamycinresistance in Breast Cancer Cells
Qing Hu et al
DownLoad : 5137-5142 2.7 Qing Hu.pdf
Cost Effective Analysis of Recall Methods for Cervical Cancer Screening in Selangor - Results from a Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial
Rima Marhayu Abdul Rashid et al
DownLoad : 5143-5147 2.20 Rima Marhayu Abdul Rashid.pdf
Chronic Exposure to Chlorophenol Related Compounds in the Pesticide Production Workplace and Lung Cancer: A Meta-Analysis
Rezvan Zendehdel et al
DownLoad : 5149-5153 2.27-1 Rezvan Zendehdel.pdf
Lobaplatin-TACE Combined with Radioactive 125I Seed Implantation for Treatment of Primary Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Sheng Peng et al
DownLoad : 5155-5160 3.28 Sheng Peng.pdf
Recreational Physical Activity and Risk of Ovarian Cancer: a Meta-analysis
Li-Min Zhou
DownLoad : 5161-5166 3.31 Limin Zhou.pdf
Characteristics of Hodgkin Lymphoma in a Defined Group of Iranian Pediatric Patients
Maryam Baharvand and Hamed Mortazavi
DownLoad : 5167-5169 3.17 Maryam Baharvand.pdf
Stereotactic Vacuum-Assisted Core Biopsy Results for Non-Palpable Breast Lesions
Filiz Agacayak et al
DownLoad : 5171-5174 3.20 Filiz Agacayak.pdf
MicroRNAs as Promising Biomarkers for Tumor-staging: Evaluation of MiR21 MiR155 MiR29a and MiR92a in Predicting Tumor Stage of Rectal Cancer
Yun Yang et al
DownLoad : 5175-5180 4.8 Yun Yang.pdf
Tumor-Derived Transforming Growth Factor-β is Critical for Tumor Progression and Evasion from Immune Surveillance
Zheng Li et al
DownLoad : 5181-5186 4.11 Zheng Li.pdf
Lack of Association between Fingernail Selenium and Thyroid Cancer Risk: A Case-Control Study in French Polynesia
Yan Ren et al
DownLoad : 5187-5194 3.20 Yan Ren.pdf
Survival Outcomes of Liver Metastasectomy in Colorectal Cancer Cases: A Single-Center Analysis in Turkey
Suna Cokmert et al
DownLoad : 5195-5200 3.21 Suna Cokmert.pdf
Emodin-Provoked Oxidative Stress Induces Apoptosis in Human Colon Cancer HCT116 Cells through a p53-Mitochondrial Apoptotic Pathway
Mei-Juan Xie et al
DownLoad : 5201-5205 4.15 Meijuan Xie.pdf
Susceptibility of Lung Cancer with Polymorphisms of CYP1A1, GSTM1, GSTM3, GSTT1 and GSTP1 Genotypes in the Population of Inner Mongolia Region
Xue-Yan Jiang et al
DownLoad : 5207-5214 4.15 Xue-yan JIANG.pdf
Treatment Outcomes of Gemcitabine in Refractory or Recurrent pithelial Ovarian Cancer Patients
Saranya Chanpanitkitchot et al
DownLoad : 5215-5221 3.23 Saranaya Chanpanitkitchot.pdf
Fruit and Vegetable Intake in Relation to Prostate Cancer in Iranian Men: A Case-Control Study
Faezeh Askari et al
DownLoad : 5223-5227 3.24 Faezeh Askari.pdf
No Association between Traffic Density and Risk of Childhood Leukemia: a Meta-analysis
Xiao-Xi Sun et al
DownLoad : 5229-5232 4.16 Xiaoxi Sun.pdf
Combined Effects Methylation of FHIT, RASSF1A and RARβ Genes on Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in the Chinese Population
Wen Li et al
DownLoad : 5233-5237 4.17 Wen Li.pdf
Clinico-Pathological Patterns and Survival Outcome of Colorectal Cancer in Young Patients: Western Saudi Arabia Experience
Shereef Ahmed Elsamany et al
DownLoad : 5239-5243 3.29 Shereef Ahmed Elsamany.pdf
Evaluation of the Atlas Helicobacter pylori Stool Antigen Test for Diagnosis of Infection in Adult Patients
Hussein Ali Osman et al
DownLoad : 5245-5247 3.31 Hussein Ali Osman.pdf
RTN4 3’-UTR Insertion/Deletion Polymorphism and Susceptibility to Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in Chinese Han Population
De-Yi Lu et al
DownLoad : 5249-5252 4.19 Deyi Lu.pdf
Inhaled Formaldehyde Induces Bone Marrow Toxicity via Oxidative Stress in Exposed Mice
Guang-Yan Yu et al
DownLoad : 5253-5257 4.19 guangyan yu.pdf
CT Based 3-Dimensional Treatment Planning of Intracavitary Brachytherapy for Cancer of the Cervix : Comparison between Dose-Volume Histograms and ICRU Point Doses to the Rectum and Bladder
Natasha Hashim et al
DownLoad : 5259-5264 4.1 Natasha Hashim.pdf
Copayment Policy Effects on Healthcare Spending and Utilization by Korean Lung Cancer Patients at End of Life: A Retrospective Cohort Design 2003-2012
Sun Jung Kim et al
DownLoad : 5265-5270 4.4 Sun Jung Kim.pdf
MEKK3 and Survivin Expression in Cervical Cancer: Association with Clinicopathological Factors and Prognosis
Xue-Quan Cao et al
DownLoad : 5271-5276 4.20 Xuequan Cao.pdf
The MDM2 SNP309T>G Polymorphism Increases Bladder Cancer Risk among Caucasians: a Meta-analysis
Huai-Gao Wang et al
DownLoad : 5277-5281 4.21 Huai-Gao Wang.pdf
Quality of Life by Stage of Cervical Cancer among Malaysian Patients
Mohammed Nawi Azmawati et al
DownLoad : 5283-5286 4.9 Azmawati Mohammed Nawi.pdf
Associations between Quality of Life and Marital Status in Cancer Patients and Survivors
Kyu-Tae Han et al
DownLoad : 5287-5291 4.16 Kyu-Tae Han.pdf
Salt Processed Food and Gastric Cancer in a Chinese Population
Si-Hao Lin et al
DownLoad : 5293-5298 4.22 Sihao LIN.pdf
Geographic Distribution and Epidemiology of Lung Cancer During 2011 in Zhejiang Province of China
Xia-Lu Lin et al
DownLoad : 5299-5303 4.23 Xialu Lin.pdf
Side Effects of Chemotherapy among Cancer Patients in a Malaysian General Hospital: Experiences, Perceptions and Informational Needs from Clinical Pharmacists
Huan-Keat Chan and Sabrina Ismail
DownLoad : 5305-5309 4.19 Chan Huan Keat.pdf
Luteolin-loaded Phytosomes Sensitize Human Breast Carcinoma MDA-MB 231 Cells to Doxorubicin by Suppressing Nrf2 Mediated Signalling
Mehdi Sabzichi et al
DownLoad : 5311-5316 4.19 Mehdi Sabzichi.pdf
Association Between Three eNOS Polymorphisms and Cancer Risk: a Meta-analysis
Xun Wu et al
DownLoad : 5317-5324 4.23 Xun Wu.pdf
Construction of a Protein-Protein Interaction Network for Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia and Pathway Prediction of Molecular Complexes
Chao Zhou et al
DownLoad : 5325-5330 4.24 Chao Zhou.pdf
Comparison between Early and Late Onset Breast Cancer in Pakistani Women Undergoing Breast Conservative Therapy: is There any Difference?
Abu Bakar Hafeez Bhatti et al
DownLoad : 5331-5336 4.25 Abu Bakar Hafeez Bhatt.pdf
Recurrence Risk and Prognostic Parameters in Stage I Rectal Cancers
Sener Cihan et al
DownLoad : 5337-5341 4.25 Sener Cihan.pdf
Meta-analysis of Six Randomized Control Trials of Chemotherapy Plus Anti-HER Monoclonal Antibody for Advanced Gastric and Gastroesophageal Cancer
Huai-Qing Luo et al
DownLoad : 5343-5348 4.24 Huaiqing Luo.pdf
Use of an Artificial Neural Network to Predict Risk Factors of Nosocomial Infection in Lung Cancer Patients
Jie Chen et al
DownLoad : 5349-5353 4.24 Jie Chen.pdf
Roles of Sonography and Hysteroscopy in the Detection of Premalignant and Malignant Polyps in Women Presenting with Postmenopausal Bleeding and Thickened Endometrium
Sabri Cavkaytar et al
DownLoad : 5355-5358 4.27 Sabri Cavkaytar.pdf
Feasibility and Safety of Robotic Surgery for Gynecologic Cancers
Tarinee Manchana et al
DownLoad : 5359-5364 4.27 Tarinee Manchana.pdf
Lymph Node Ratio is an Independent Prognostic Factor in Node Positive Rectal Cancer Patients Treated with Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy Followed by Curative Resection
Wei-Gen Zeng et al
DownLoad : 5365-5369 4.25 Wei-gen Zeng.pdf
Risk of Lymph Node Metastases from Early Gastric Cancer in Relation to Depth of Invasion: Experience in a Single Institution
Zheng Wang et al
DownLoad : 5371-5375 4.25 zheng wang.pdf
Comparison of Quality of Life of Turkish Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Breast Conserving Surgery or Modified Radical Mastectomy
Hande Acil and Ikbal Cavdar
DownLoad : 5377-5381 4.28 Hande Acil.pdf
Carbohydrate Antigen 19-9 Levels Associated with Pathological Responses to Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy in Rectal Cancer
Seung-Gu Yeo et al
DownLoad : 5383-5387 4.30 Seung-Gu Yeo.pdf
Impact of a Clinical Pathway on Hospital Costs, Length of Stay and Early Outcomes after Hepatectomy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Liang Zhu et al
DownLoad : 5389-5393 4.28 Liang Zhu.pdf
Seniors Have a Better Learning Curve for Laparoscopic Colorectal Cancer Resection
Xing-Mao Zhang et al
DownLoad : 5395-5399 4.28 xingmao zhang.pdf
Awareness of Risk Factors for Cancer among Omani adults- A Community Based Study
Mohammed Al-Azri et al
DownLoad : 5401-5406 5.6 Mohammed Al-Azri.pdf
Additive Properties of Crude, Age Specific and Age Adjusted Rates for Cancer Incidence and Mortality
Ramnath Takiar and Atul Shrivastava
DownLoad : 5407-5409 5.14 Ramnath Takiar.pdf
Updated Meta-analysis of the Association Between CYP2E1 RsaI/PstI Polymorphisms and Lung Cancer Risk in Chinese Population
Ya-Dong Wang et al
DownLoad : 5411-5416 4.28 Yadong Wang.pdf
Metabolomics Investigation of Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma Based on UHPLC-QTOF/MS
Qing-Yuan Zhou et al
DownLoad : 5417-5421 4.30 Qingyuan Zhou.pdf
Risk Factors for Endometrial Hyperplasia Concomitant Endometrial Polyps in Pre- and Post-menopausal Women
Hasan Onur Topcu et al
DownLoad : 5423-5425 5.19 Hasan Onur Topcu.pdf
Evaluation of Stapled versus Hand-Sewn Techniques for Colo-Rectal Anastomosis after Low Anterior Resection of Mid-Rectal Carcinoma: a Study on 50 Patients
Ihab Samy Fayek
DownLoad : 5427-5431 5.25-1 Ihab Samy Fayek.pdf
Cecropin Suppresses Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma BEL-7402 Cell Growth and Survival in vivo without Side-Toxicity
Xiao-Bao Jin et al
DownLoad : 5433-5436 5.5 Jin Xiao bao.pdf
Effects of PLCE1 Gene Silencing by RNA Interference on Cell Cycling and Apoptosis in Esophageal Carcinoma Cells
Li Zhao et al
DownLoad : 5437-5442 5.5-1 Li Zhao.pdf
An Interleukin-6 Receptor Polymorphism is Associated with Opisthorchiasis-Linked Cholangiocarcinoma Risk in Thailand
Pokpong Prayong et al
DownLoad : 5443-5447 5.27 Pokpong Prayong.pdf
High Frequency of TP53 but not K-ras Gene Mutations in Bolivian Patients with Gallbladder Cancer
Takao Asai et al
DownLoad : 5449-5454 5.27 Takao Asai.pdf
Saponins from Rubus parvifolius L. Induce Apoptosis in Human Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Cells through AMPK Activation and STAT3 Inhibition
Yu-Qing Ge et al
DownLoad : 5455-5461 5.5 Yuqing Ge.pdf
MiR-421 Regulates Apoptosis of BGC-823 Gastric Cancer Cells by Targeting Caspase-3
Jian-Hong Wu et al
DownLoad : 5463-5468 5.7 Jianhong Wu.pdf
Knowledge, Acceptance, and Willingness to Pay for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccination among Female Parents in Thailand
Siraporn Kruiroongroj et al
DownLoad : 5469-5474 5.28 Siraporn Kruiroongroj.pdf
Situation Analysis of Existing Facilities for Screening, Treatment and Prevention of Cervical Cancer in Hospitals/Primary health Centers of Delhi-NCR Region, India
P Cheena Chawla et al
DownLoad : 5475-5482 12.27 P Cheena Chawla.pdf
Clinical and Prognostic Significance of SOX11 in Breast Cancer
Dao-Tong Liu et al
DownLoad : 5483-5486 5.7 Tong Dao Liu.pdf
Clinical Value of Real Time Elastography in Patients with Unexplained Cervical Lymphadenopathy: Quantitative Evaluation
Ying Fu et al
DownLoad : 5487-5492 5.10 Ying Fu.pdf
Efficacy of Taxane-Based Regimens in a First-line Setting for Recurrent and/or Metastatic Chinese Patients with Esophageal Cancer
Chang Jiang et al
DownLoad : 5493-5498 5.11 Chang Jiang.pdf
Coaxing Cancer Pro-Apoptoticity: An Approach Blending Therapeutic miRNAs and Dietary Phytochemicals
Soundararajan Vijayarathna and Sreenivasan Sasidharan
DownLoad : 5499-5500 12.13 Soundararajan Vijayarathna (LETTER to the EDITOR).pdf
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