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  Volume 15, Issue Number 19
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VOLUME 15, 2014  Issue Number 19 Published October 23rd,  2014
Characteristic Features of Cytotoxic Activity of Flavonoids on Human Cervical Cancer Cells
Katrin Sak
DownLoad : 8007-8019 8.12 Katrin Sak [REVIEW].pdf
Promyelocytic Leukemia Gene Functions and Roles in umorigenesis
Zeinab Imani-Saber and Soudeh Ghafouri-Fard
DownLoad : 8021-8028 7.14 Zeinab Imani-Saber [MINI-REVIEW].pdf
Microsatellite Instability of Nuclear and Mitochondrial DNAs in Gastric Carcinogenesis
Jae-Ho Lee and Dae-Kwang Kim
DownLoad : 8029-8032 6.10 Jae-Ho Lee [MINI-REVIEW].pdf
Microarray and Next-Generation Sequencing to Analyse Gastric Cancer
Yuan Dang et al
DownLoad : 8033-8039 6.25 Yuan Dang[MINI-REVIEW].pdf
Dealing Naturally with Stumbling Blocks on Highways and Byways of TRAIL Induced Signaling
Aamir Rana et al
DownLoad : 8041-8046 7.7 Aamir Rana [Ammad Ahmad Farooqi] [MINI-REVIEW].pdf
Anticancer Activity of Essential Oils: Targeting of Protein Networks in Cancer Cells
Aliye Aras et al
DownLoad : 8047-8050 7.23 Aliye Aras [Ammad Ahmad Farooqi] (An...) [MINI-REVIEW].pdf
Current Evidence on the Association between rs3757318 of C6orf97 and Breast Cancer Risk: a Meta-Analysis
Yuan Hong et al
DownLoad : 8051-8055 4.11 Yuan Hong.pdf
Ultrasound Utility for Predicting Biological Behavior of Invasive Ductal Breast Cancers
Lei Zhang et al
DownLoad : 8057-8062 5.15 Lei Zhang.pdf
Role of the HPV DNA Test in Follow-up of Treated Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia in Bangladesh
Ashrafun Nessa et al
DownLoad : 8063-8067 1.15 Ashrafun Nessa.pdf
Crosstalk between EGFR and p53 in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Andreea Cioca et al
DownLoad : 8069-8073 1.19 Andreea Cioca.pdf
Prognostic Value of C-Reactive Protein in Esophageal Cancer: a Meta-analysis
Tian-Liang Zheng et al
DownLoad : 8075-8081 5.29 Tian-Liang Zhen.pdf
Meta Analysis of Association of the IL-17F rs763780T>C Gene Polymorphism with Cancer Risk
Xiang-Jun Chen et al
DownLoad : 8083-8087 6.2 Xiangjun Chen.pdf
Gastrointestinal Adverse Effects in Advanced Colorectal Carcinoma Patients Treated with Different Schedules of FOLFOX
Nusrat Bano et al
DownLoad : 8089-8093 2.10 Nusrat Bano.pdf
Awareness and Prevalence of Mammography Screening and its Predictors - A Cross Sectional Study in a Primary Care Clinic in Malaysia
Azianey Yusof et al
DownLoad : 8095-8099 2.25 Azianey Yusof.pdf
Prognostic Significance of the Mucin Component in Stage Ⅲ Rectal Carcinoma Patients
Meng Wang et al
DownLoad : 8101-8105 6.3 Meng Wang.pdf
Autophagy Involvement in Olanzapine-Mediated Cytotoxic Effects in Human Glioma Cells
Yi-Xuan Wang et al
DownLoad : 8107-8113 6.4 Yixuan Wang.pdf
Reducing the Breast Cancer Menace: the Role of the Male Partner in Ghana
Evans Paul Kwame Ameade et al
DownLoad : 8115-8119 3.31 Evans Paul Kwame Ameade.pdf
HER2 Expression in Ovarian Mucinous Carcinomas in Tunisia
Nabiha Missaoui et al
DownLoad : 8121-8125 4.11 Nabiha Missaoui.pdf
The Kuala Lumpur Qigong Trial for Women in the Cancer Survivorship Phase-Efficacy of a Three-Arm RCT to Improve QOL
Siew Yim Loh et al
DownLoad : 8127-8134 4.15 Siew Yim Loh.pdf
Appraisal of Breast Cancer Symptoms by Iranian Women: Entangled Cognitive, Emotional and Socio-Cultural Responses
Zohreh Khakbazan et al
DownLoad : 8135-8142 5.7 Zohreh Khakbazan.pdf
TGF-β1 Protein Expression in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancers is Correlated with Prognosis
Ai-Li Huang et al
DownLoad : 8143-8147 5.2 Aili Huang.pdf
Comparative Study of Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis for Identifying Benign and Malignant Breast Tumor Lumps
Jian Liu et al
DownLoad : 8149-8153 5.5 Jian Liu.pdf
In Silico Docking Studies of Selected Flavonoids - Natural Healing Agents against Breast Cancer
Jeyabaskar Suganya et al
DownLoad : 8155-8159 5.10 Jeyabaskar Suganya.pdf
Co-Expression of Putative Cancer Stem Cell Markers, CD133 and Nestin, in Skin Tumors
Mehrdad Nasrollahzadeh Sabet et al
DownLoad : 8161-8169 5.14 Mehrdad Nasrollahzadeh Sabet.pdf
Flavonoids of Rosa roxburghii Tratt Act as Radioprotectors
Ping Xu et al
DownLoad : 8171-8175 5.26 Xu Ping.pdf
Efficacy and Toxicity of Anti-VEGF Agents in Patients with Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer: a Meta-analysis of Prospective Clinical Studies
Wei-Xiang Qi et al
DownLoad : 8177-8182 6.9 Wei-Xiang Qi.pdf
High Serum Level of Retinol and α-Tocopherol Affords Protection Against Oral Cancer in a Multiethnic Population
Vimmitra Athirajan et al
DownLoad : 8183-8189 5.19 Vimmitra Athirajan.pdf
Pathological Profile of Patients with Breast Diseases in Shiraz
Abbas Rezaianzadeh et al
DownLoad : 8191-8195 5.22 Abbas Rezaianzadeh.pdf
Polymorphisms of TERT and CLPTM1L and the Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Chinese Males
Ling-Yan Su et al
DownLoad : 8197-8201 6.10 Ling-Yan Su.pdf
Correlation between E-Cadherin-Regulated Cell Adhesion and Human Osteosarcoma MG-63 Cell Anoikis
Ding-Sheng Lin et al
DownLoad : 8203-8207 6.11 Dingsheng Lin.pdf
Management of Precancerous Cervical Lesions in Iran: A Cost Minimizing Study
Azin Nahvijou et al
DownLoad : 8209-8213 5.29 Azin Nahvijou.pdf
Prognostic Significance of Expression of CD133 and Ki-67 in Gastric Cancer
Irem Saricanbaz et al
DownLoad : 8215-8219 6.5 Irem Saricanbaz.pdf
Three-Port Laparoscopic Exploration is not Sufficient for Patients with T4 Gastric Cancer
Hua Huang et al
DownLoad : 8221-8224 6.14 Hua Huang.pdf
Potential Mechanisms of Benzyl Isothiocyanate Suppression of Invasion and Angiogenesis by the U87MG Human Glioma Cell Line
Yu Zhu et al
DownLoad : 8225-8228 6.16 Yu Zhu.pdf
A Systematic Review of Economic Aspects of Cervical Cancer creening Strategies Worldwide: Discrepancy between Economic Analysis and Policymaking
Azin Nahvijou et al
DownLoad : 8229-8237 6.14 Azin Nahvijou.pdf
Practical Use of Cancer Control Promoters in Municipalities in Japan
Hiroko Yako-Suketomo et al
DownLoad : 8239-8244 6.18 Hiroko Yako-Suketomo.pdf
5,10-Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase Polymorphisms and Colon Cancer Risk: a Meta-analysis
Xin-Yu Fang et al
DownLoad : 8245-8250 6.22 Xin-yu Fang.pdf
Upregulation of HIF-1α by Hypoxia Protect Neuroblastoma Cells from Apoptosis by Promoting Survivin Expression
Bo Zhang et al
DownLoad : 8251-8257 7.1 Bo Zhang.pdf
Outcome of Surgery and Post-Operative Radiotherapy for Major Salivary Gland Carcinoma: Ten Year Experience from a Single Institute
Jaspreet Kaur et al
DownLoad : 8259-8263 6.20 Jaspreet Kaur.pdf
Role of Tobacco Warning Labels in Informing Smokers about Risks of Smoking among Bus Drivers in Mangalore, India
Sajjanshetty Mallikarjun et al
DownLoad : 8265-8270 6.20 Sajjanshetty Mallikarjun.pdf
Diagnostic Significance of Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Values with Diffusion Weighted MRI in Breast Cancer: a Meta-Analysis
Jiang-Hong Sun et al
DownLoad : 8271-8277 7.3 Jiang-Hong Sun.pdf
Associations Between TLR9 Polymorphisms and Cancer Risk: Evidence from an Updated Meta-analysis of 25,685 Subjects
Guo-Xing Wan et al
DownLoad : 8279-8285 7.5 Guo-Xing Wan.pdf
Knowledge and Awareness of Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Cervical Cancer and HPV Vaccine among Women in Two Distinct Nepali Communities
Derek Christopher Johnson et al
DownLoad : 8287-8293 6.28 Derek C Johnson.pdf
Investigation of Association between oipA and iceA1/iceA2 Genotypes of Helicobacter pylori and Gastric Cancer in Iran
Saeed Mahboubi Aghdam et al
DownLoad : 8295-8299 6.30 Saeed Mahboubi Aghdam.pdf
The -765G>C Polymorphism in the Cyclooxygenase-2 Gene and Digestive System Cancer: a Meta-analysis
Fen Zhao et al
DownLoad : 8301-8310 7.6 Fen Zhao.pdf
8q24 rs4242382 Polymorphism is a Risk Factor for Prostate Cancer among Multi-Ethnic Populations: Evidence from Clinical Detection in China and a Meta-analysis
Cheng-Xiao Zhao et al
DownLoad : 8311-8317 7.7 Chengxiao Zhao.pdf
Evaluation of Genetic Variations in miRNA-Binding Sites of BRCA1 and BRCA2 Genes as Risk Factors for the Development of Early-Onset and/or Familial Breast Cancer
Elif Erturk et al
DownLoad : 8319-8324 7.1 Elif Erturk.pdf
Relation of Serum Adiponectin Levels and Obesity with Breast Cancer: A Japanese Case-Control Study
Machiko Minatoya et al
DownLoad : 8325-8330 7.3 Machiko Minatoya.pdf
Association of CYP2C19 Polymorphisms with Survival of Breast Cancer Patients Using Tamoxifen: Results of a Metaanalysis
Lan Bai et al
DownLoad : 8331-8335 7.7 Lan Bai.pdf
Sensitization of Cervical Carcinoma Cells to Paclitaxel by an IPP5 Active Mutant
Qi-Yan Zeng et al
DownLoad : 8337-8343 7.7 Qiyan Zeng.pdf
Incidence of Cancers in Kuzestan Province of Iran: Trend from 2004 to 2008
Neda Amoori et al
DownLoad : 8345-8349 7.7 Neda Amoori.pdf
Risk Stratification of Early Stage Oral Tongue Cancers Based on HPV Status and p16 Immunoexpression
Vijayalakshmi Ramshankar et al
DownLoad : 8351-8359 7.7 Vijayalakshmi Ramshankar.pdf
Could Clinical Pathways Improve the Quality of Care in Patients with Gastrointestinal Cancer? A Meta-analysis
Xu-Ping Song et al
DownLoad : 8361-8366 7.14 Song Xuping.pdf
Prognostic Value of Caveolin-1 Expression in Gastric Cancer: a Meta-analysis
Yang Ye et al
DownLoad : 8367-8370 7.14 Yang Ye.pdf
Statistical Estimates from Black Non-Hispanic Female Breast Cancer Data
Hafiz Mohammad Rafiqullah Khan et al
DownLoad : 8371-8376 7.12 Hafiz Mohammad Rafiqullah Khan.pdf
DOX-MTX-NPs Augment p53 mRNA Expression in OSCC Model in Rat: Effects of IV and Oral Routes
Mehran Mesgari Abbasi et al
DownLoad : 8377-8382 7.12 Mehran Mesgari Abbasi.pdf
The ERCC1 C118T Polymorphism Predicts Clinical Outcomes of Colorectal Cancer Patients Receiving Oxaliplatin-Based Chemotherapy: a Meta-analysis Based on 22 Studies
Ying-Ying Qian et al
DownLoad : 8383-8390 7.15 Yingying Qian.pdf
Pemetrexed is Mildly Active with Good Tolerability for Treatment of Patients with Colorectal Cancer
Hui-Qing Zhang et al
DownLoad : 8391-8394 7.21 Hui-Qing Zhang.pdf
Immunohistochemistry Subtypes (ER/PR/HER) of Breast Cancer: Where Do We Stand in the West of Saudi Arabia?
Mohamad Nidal Khabaz
DownLoad : 8395-8400 7.15 Mohamad Nidal Khabaz.pdf
Age and Survival of Cervical Cancer Patients with Bone Metastasis
Adisak Nartthanarung et al
DownLoad : 8401-8404 7.17 Adisak Nartthanarung.pdf
Comprehensive Analysis of Temozolomide Treatment for Patients with Glioma
Wen-Bing Yang et al
DownLoad : 8405-8408 7.21 YANG Wen-Bing.pdf
Clinical Applicability of Multi-Tumor Marker Protein Chips for Diagnosing Ovarian Cancer
Jing Bian et al
DownLoad : 8409-8411 7.22 Jing Bian.pdf
Analysis of TP53 Polymorphisms in North Indian Sporadic Esophageal Cancer Patients
Sukhpreet Kaur et al
DownLoad : 8413-8422 7.19 Sukhpreet Kaur.pdf
Numbers of New Cases and Trends of Cancer 1993-2012: Srinagarind Hospital Based Population, Khon Kaen, North-East Thailand
Kosin Wirasorn et al
DownLoad : 8423-8427 7.22 Kosin Wirasorn.pdf
Prognostic Significance of Circulating Tumor Cells in Small-Cell Lung Cancer Patients: a Meta-analysis
Jiao Zhang et al
DownLoad : 8429-8433 7.25 Jiao Zhang.pdf
Prognostic Values of VEGF and Endostatin with Malignant Pleural Effusions in Patients with Lung Cancer
Yu Zhang et al
DownLoad : 8435-8440 7.25 Yu Zhang.pdf
Expression of DNA Methylation Marker of Paired-Like Homeodomain Transcription Factor 2 and Growth Receptors in Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of the Breast
Wan Faiziah Wan Abdul Rahman et al
DownLoad : 8441-8445 7.22 Wan Faiziah Wan Abdul Rahman.pdf
Parameters for Predicting Granulosa Cell Tumor of the Ovary: A Single Center Retrospective Comparative Study
Huseyin Yesilyurt et al
DownLoad : 8447-8450 7.23 Huseyin Yesilyurt.pdf
Association between Cigarette Smoking and RASSF1A Gene Promoter Hypermethylation in Lung Cancer Patients: a Metaanalysis
Xiao-Ming Wu et al
DownLoad : 8451-8454 7.31 Xiaoming Wu.pdf
Colorectal Cancer Incidence and Mortality in China, 2010
Zhao-Xu Zheng et al
DownLoad : 8455-8460 8.4 Zhaoxu Zheng.pdf
Factors Affecting Cancer Screening Intention and Behavior of the Korean Elderly
Hee-Jung Kim et al
DownLoad : 8461-8467 7.24 Hee-Jung Kim.pdf
Lack of Prognostic Significance of SOCS-1 Expression in Colorectal Adenocarcinomas
Talat Ayyildiz et al
DownLoad : 8469-8474 7.24 Talat Ayyildiz.pdf
Systematic Analysis of Pemetrexed-based Chemoradiotherapy for Patients with Locally Advanced or Metastatic Esophageal Cancer
Guang-Yu Tian et al
DownLoad : 8475-8478 8.6 Guang-Yu Tian.pdf
Pre-Treatment Performance Status and Stage at Diagnosis in Patients with Head and Neck Cancers
Manigreeva Krishnatreya et al
DownLoad : 8479-8482 7.25 Manigreeva Krishnatreya.pdf
Predictive Factors of Survival Time of Breast Cancer in Kurdistan Province of Iran between 2006-2014: A Cox Regression Approach
Asrin Karimi et al
DownLoad : 8483-8488 7.27 Asrin Karimi.pdf
Risk for Malignant and Borderline Ovarian Neoplasms Following Basic Preoperative Evaluation by Ultrasonography, Ca125 Level and Age
Burak Karadag et al
DownLoad : 8489-8493 8.4 Burak Karadag.pdf
Leucogen Tablets at 60 mg Three Times per Day are Safe and Effective to Control Febrile Neutropenia
Xin-En Huang et al
DownLoad : 8495-8497 8.13 Xin-En Huang.pdf
Breast Cancer Risk Factors in Women Participating in a Breast Screening Program: a Study on 11,850 Iranian Females
Mojtaba Sepandi et al
DownLoad : 8499-8502 8.8 Mojtaba Sepandi.pdf
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of HPV Vaccination: Comparing the General Population with Socially Vulnerable Individuals
Kyu-Tae Han et al
DownLoad : 8503-8508 8.19 Kyu-Tae Han.pdf
Diet and Cancer Risk in the Korean Population: A Metaanalysis
Hae Dong Woo et al
DownLoad : 8509-8519 8.13 Hae Dong Woo RKFH3.pdf
A Consensus Plan for Action to Improve Access to Cancer Care in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Region
Mark Woodward
DownLoad : 8521-8526 6.24 Mark Woodward [COMMENTARY].pdf
Hypothesis of Consumption of Gasoline as a Risk Factor of Breast Cancer Incidence in Korea in an Ecological Study
Jong-Myon Bae
DownLoad : 8527-8528 5.26 Jong-Myon Bae [Letter].pdf
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