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VOLUME 15, 2014  Issue Number 15 Published in August, 18, 2014
Review of the Molecular Pathogenesis of Osteosarcoma
Jin-Peng He et al
DownLoad : 5967-5976 6.17 Jin-Peng He Review.pdf
TRAIL Mediated Signaling in Pancreatic Cancer
Daniele Rubert Nogueira et al
DownLoad : 5977-5982 2.15 Daniele Rubert Nogueira [MINI-REVIEW].pdf
Emerging and Established Global Life-Style Risk Factors for Cancer of the Upper Aero-Digestive Tract
Bhawna Gupta and Newell W Johnson
DownLoad : 5983-5991 4.13 Bhawna Gupta (MINI-REVIEW).pdf
Functional Roles of Long Non-coding RNA in Human Breast Cancer
Ni Ye et al
DownLoad : 5993-5997 5.11 Ye Ni Mini-Review.pdf
Critical Review on the Carcinogenic Potential of Pesticides Used in Korea
Sangjun Choi
DownLoad : 5999-6003 5.7-1 Sangjun Choi (MINI-REVIEW).pdf
Comparison of Recurrence Rates with Contour-Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone (C-LETZ) and Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone (LLETZ) for CIN
Sathone Boonlikit and Hemwadee Srichongchai
DownLoad : 6005-6008 2.3 Sathone Boonlikit.pdf
Impact of Cellular Immune Function on Prognosis of Lung Cancer Patients after Cytokine-induced Killer Cell Therapy
Congguo Jin et al
DownLoad : 6009-6014 2.12 Congguo Jin.pdf
Prognostic Role of Circulating Tumor Cells in Patients with Pancreatic Cancer: a Meta-analysis
Xue-Lei Ma et al
DownLoad : 6015-6020 2.20 Xuelei Ma.pdf
Upregulation of STK15 in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinomas in a Mongolian Population
Guang-Lie Chen et al
DownLoad : 6021-6024 4.7 Guanglie Chen.pdf
Survival Analysis of Biliary Tract Cancer Cases in Turkey
Zeki Akca et al
DownLoad : 6025-6027 2.16 Zeki Akca.pdf
Comparison of Survival Rates between Chinese and Thai Patients with Breast Cancer
Yanhua Che et al
DownLoad : 6029-6033 2.18 Yanhua Che.pdf
Parathyroid Hormone Gene rs6256 and Calcium Sensing Receptor Gene rs1801725 Variants are not Associated with Susceptibility to Colorectal Cancer in Iran
Touraj Mahmoudi et al
DownLoad : 6035-6039 3.2 Touraj Mahmoudi.pdf
Computed Tomography Manifestations of Histologic Subtypes of Retroperitoneal Liposarcoma
Jing Lu et al
DownLoad : 6041-6046 4.20 Jing Lu.pdf
Weight Loss Correlates with Macrophage Inhibitory Cytokine-1 Expression and Might Influence Outcome in Patients with Advanced Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Zhi-Hao Lu et al
DownLoad : 6047-6052 4.20 Zhihao Lu.pdf
Utility of Frozen Section Pathology with Endometrial Pre-Malignant Lesions
Murat Oz et al
DownLoad : 6053-6057 3.5 Murat Oz.pdf
Descriptive Epidemiology of Colorectal Cancer in University Malaya Medical Centre, 2001 to 2010
Bello Arkilla Magaji et al
DownLoad : 6059-6064 3.17 Bello Arkilla Magaji.pdf
SLC35B2 Expression is Associated with a Poor Prognosis of Invasive Ductal Breast Carcinoma
Anongruk Chim-ong et al
DownLoad : 6065-6070 3.21 Anongruk Chim-ong.pdf
Association of Rs11615 (C>T) in the Excision Repair Cross-complementing Group 1 Gene with Ovarian but not Gynecological Cancer Susceptibility: a Meta-analysis
Yong-Jun Ma et al
DownLoad : 6071-6074 4.21 Yongjun Ma.pdf
Distinct Pro-Apoptotic Properties of Zhejiang Saffron against Human Lung Cancer Via a Caspase-8-9-3 Cascade
Dan-Dan Liu et al
DownLoad : 6075-6080 4.24 Dandan Liu.pdf
Effectiveness of the Microlux/DLTM Chemiluminescence Device in Screening of Potentially Malignant and Malignant Oral Lesions
Suzan Seif Ibrahim et al
DownLoad : 6081-6086 3.26 Suzan Ibrahim.pdf
Impact of Prognostic Factors on Survival Rates in Patients with Ovarian Carcinoma
Sevim Kalsen Arikan et al
DownLoad : 6087-6094 3.27 Sevim Kalsen Arikan.pdf
Perception and Practices on Screening and Vaccination for Carcinoma Cervix among Female Healthcare Professional in Tertiary Care Hospitals in Bangalore, India
M Swapnajaswanth et al
DownLoad : 6095-6098 3.30 Swapna M.pdf
Elevated Serum Ferritin Levels in Patients with Hematologic Malignancies
Xue-Zhong Zhang et al
DownLoad : 6099-6101 4.26 Xue-Zhong Zhang.pdf
Prognostic Significance of Beta-Catenin Expression in Patients with Esophageal Carcinoma: a Meta-analysis
Rong Zeng et al
DownLoad : 6103-6108 5.3 Rong Zeng.pdf
Clinicopathological Features of Indonesian Breast Cancers with Different Molecular Subtypes
Irianiwati Widodo et al
DownLoad : 6109-6113 4.2 Irianiwati Widodo.pdf
Comparisons between the KKU-Model and Conventional Rectal Tubes as Markers for Checking Rectal Doses during Intracavitary Brachytherapy of Cervical Cancer
Prawat Padoongcharoen et al
DownLoad : 6115-6120 4.3 Prawat Padoongcharoen.pdf
Prostate-Specific Antigen Levels in Relation to Background Factors: Are there Links to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and AhR Expression?
Sepideh Arbabi Bidgoli et al
DownLoad : 6121-6125 4.3 Sepideh Arbabi Bidgoli.pdf
Allogeneic Hemopietic Stem Cell Transplants for the Treatment of B Cell Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
Wei-Min Dong et al
DownLoad : 6127-6130 5.4 Weimin Dong.pdf
Lack of Any Association of GST Genetic Polymorphisms with Susceptibility to Ovarian Cancer - a Meta-analysis
Li-Yuan Han et al
DownLoad : 6131-6136 5.8 Liyuan Han.pdf
Serum Adiponectin but not Leptin at Diagnosis as a Predictor of Breast Cancer Survival
Sang-Ah Lee et al
DownLoad : 6137-6143 4.4 Sang-Ah Le.pdf
Expression of Toll-like Receptor 9 Increases with Progression of Cervical Neoplasia in Tunisian Women - A Comparative Analysis of Condyloma, Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia and Invasive Carcinoma
Emna Fehri et al
DownLoad : 6145-6150 4.10 Emna Fehri.pdf
Prevalence and Genotype Distribution of HPV among Women Attending a Cervical Cancer Screening Mobile Unit in Lampang, Thailand
Kannika Paengchit et al
DownLoad : 6151-6154 4.10 Kannika Paengchit.pdf
Diffusion-Weighted Imaging for the Left Hepatic Lobe has Higher Diagnostic Accuracy for Malignant Focal Liver Lesions
Xue Han et al
DownLoad : 6155-6160 5.8 Xue Han.pdf
Radiation Induces Phosphorylation of STAT3 in a Dose- and Time-dependent Manner
Ling Gao et al
DownLoad : 6161-6164 5.9 Ling Gao.pdf
Intra-Peritoneal Cisplatin Combined with Intravenous Paclitaxel in Optimally Debulked Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer Patients: An Izmir Oncology Group Study
Olcun Umit Unal et al
DownLoad : 6165-6169 4.15 Olcun Umit Unal.pdf
In Whom Do Cancer Survivors Trust Online and Offline?
Armin Shahrokni et al
DownLoad : 6171-6176 4.20 Armin Shahrokni.pdf
HPV Vaccination for Cervical Cancer Prevention is not Cost-Effective in Japan
Takahiro Isshiki
DownLoad : 6177-6180 4.24 Takahiro Isshiki.pdf
Lack of Associations of the COMT Val158Met Polymorphism with Risk of Endometrial and Ovarian Cancer: a Pooled Analysis of Case-control Studies
Jin-Xin Liu et al
DownLoad : 6181-6186 5.15 Jin-Xin Liu.pdf
Knowledge, Perceptions and Acceptability of HPV Vaccination among Medical Students in Chongqing, China
Chun-Jing Fu et al
DownLoad : 6187-6193 5.16 Chun-Jing Fu.pdf
Pattern of Tobacco Use and its Correlates among Older Adults in India
GK Mini et al
DownLoad : 6195-6198 5.4-1 GK Mini.pdf
The MMP-2 -735 C Allele is a Risk Factor for Susceptibility to Breast Cancer
Kheirollah Yari et al
DownLoad : 6199-6203 5.4-1 Kheirollah Yari.pdf
Iranian Cancer Patient Perceptions of Prognosis and the Relationship to Hope
Alehe Seyedrasooli et al
DownLoad : 6205-6210 5.6 Alehe Seyedrasooli.pdf
Associations between AT-rich Interactive Domain 5B gene Polymorphisms and Risk of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: a Meta-analysis
Hui Zeng et al
DownLoad : 6211-6217 5.17 Hui Zeng.pdf
Anti-metastasis Activity of Black Rice Anthocyanins Against Breast Cancer: Analyses Using an ErbB2 Positive Breast Cancer Cell Line and Tumoral Xenograft Model
Li-Ping Luo et al
DownLoad : 6219-6225 5.30 Li-Ping Luo.pdf
Novel DOX-MTX Nanoparticles Improve Oral SCC Clinical Outcome by Down Regulation of Lymph Dissemination Factor VEGF-C Expression in vivo: Oral and IV Modalities
Mehran Mesgari Abbasi et al
DownLoad : 6227-6232 5.6 Mehran Mesgari Abbasi.pdf
Roles for Paraoxonase but not Ceruloplasmin in Peritoneal Washing Fluid in Differential Diagnosis of Gynecologic Pathologies
Mustafa Yildirim et al
DownLoad : 6233-6237 5.6 Mustafa Yildirim.pdf
Comparison of Neutrophil/Lymphocyte and Platelet/Lymphocyte Ratios for Predicting Malignant Potential of Suspicious Ovarian Masses in Gynecology Practice
Hasan Onur Topcu et al
DownLoad : 6239-6241 5.8 Hasan Onur Topcu.pdf
miRNA-1297 Induces Cell Proliferation by Targeting Phosphatase and Tensin Homolog in Testicular Germ Cell Tumor Cells
Nian-Qin Yang et al
DownLoad : 6243-6246 6.2 Nianqin Yang.pdf
Emodin Inhibits Breast Cancer Cell Proliferation through the ERα-MAPK/Akt-Cyclin D1/Bcl-2 Signaling Pathway
Jia-Qi Sui et al
DownLoad : 6247-6251 6.3 Jiaqi Sui.pdf
Survival of Colorectal Cancer Patients in the Presence of Competing-Risk
Ahmad Reza Baghestani et al
DownLoad : 6253-6255 5.9 Ahmadreza Baghestani.pdf
Development of In-House Multiplex Real Time PCR for Human Papillomavirus Genotyping in Iranian Women with Cervical Cancer and Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia
Amir Sohrabi et al
DownLoad : 6257-6261 5.10-1 Amir Sohrabi.pdf
Timing of Thoracic Radiotherapy in Limited Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer: Results of Early Versus Late Irradiation from a Single Institution in Turkey
Evrim Bayman et al
DownLoad : 6263-6267 5.12 Evrim Bayman.pdf
MiR-150-5p Suppresses Colorectal Cancer Cell Migration and Invasion through Targeting MUC4
Wei-Hua Wang et al
DownLoad : 6269-6273 6.3 Wang Weihua.pdf
Efficacy and Tolerance of Pegaspargase-Based Chemotherapy in Patients with Nasal-Type Extranodal NK/T-Cell Lymphoma: a Pilot Study
Jing-Yun Wen et al
DownLoad : 6275-6281 6.7 Jing-Yun Wen.pdf
Identification of Patients with Microscopic Hematuria who
are at Greater Risk for the Presence of Bladder Tumors Using a Dedicated Questionnaire and Point of Care Urine Test - A Study by the Members of Association of Urooncology, Turkey
Levent Turkeri et al
DownLoad : 6283-6286 5.12 Levent N Turkeri.pdf
Effect of Lymphangiogenesis and Lymphovascular Invasion on the Survival Pattern of Breast Cancer Patients
Pradyumna Kumar Sahoo et al
DownLoad : 6287-6293 5.13 Pradyumna Kumar Sahoo.pdf
Combined Detection of CEA, CA 19-9, CA 242 and CA 50 in the Diagnosis and Prognosis of Resectable Gastric Cancer
Shu-Bo Tian et al
DownLoad : 6295-6300 6.7 Shu-Bo Tian.pdf
Preliminary Evaluation of the in vitro Efficacy of 1, 2-di (Quinazolin-4-yl) Diselane against SiHa Cervical Cancer Cells
Yin-Jiu Huang et al
DownLoad : 6301-6306 6.9 Yinjiu Huang.pdf
Are Women in Kuwait Aware of Breast Cancer and Its Diagnostic Procedures?
Raed Saeed Saeed et al
DownLoad : 6307-6313 5.18 Raed Saeed.pdf
Expression of Neuronal Markers, NFP and GFAP, in Malignant Astrocytoma
Forough Hashemi et al
DownLoad : 6315-6319 5.20 Forough Hashemi.pdf
Activation of JNK/p38 Pathway is Responsible for α-Methyln-butylshikonin Induced Mitochondria-Dependent Apoptosis in SW620 Human Colorectal Cancer Cells
Hai-Bing Wang and Xiao-Qiong Ma
DownLoad : 6321-6326 6.10 Hai-Bing Wang.pdf
Patterns and Trends with Cancer Incidence and Mortality Rates Reported by the China National Cancer Registry
Peng-Lai Chen et al
DownLoad : 6327-6332 6.12 Penglai Chen.pdf
Lack of Association between the MTHFR C677T Polymorphism and Lung Cancer in a Turkish Population
Meral Yilmaz et al
DownLoad : 6333-6337 5.20 Meral Yilmaz.pdf
Outcome of Rectal Cancer in Patients Aged 30 Years or Less in the Pakistani Population
Ali Akbar et al
DownLoad : 6339-6342 5.21 Ali Akbar.pdf
Preparation and Antitumor Activity of a Tamibarotene-Furoxan Derivative
Xue-Jian Wang et al
DownLoad : 6343-6347 6.12 Xuejian Wang.pdf
Insulin Promotes Proliferation and Migration of Breast Cancer Cells through the Extracellular Regulated Kinase Pathway
Feng Pan and Li-Quan Hong
DownLoad : 6349-6352 6.13 Feng Pan.pdf
Risk Factors of Lymph Node Metastases with Endometrial Carcinoma
Kadir Cetinkaya et al
DownLoad : 6353-6356 5.23 Kadir Cetinkaya.pdf
Cancers of the Young Population in Brunei Darussalam
Ibnu Ayyub Mohammad et al
DownLoad : 6357-6362 5.24 Ibnu Ayyub Mohammad.pdf
Preventive Effect of Actinidia Valvata Dunn Extract on N-methyl-N’-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine-induced Gastrointestinal Cancer in Rats
Xia Wang et al
DownLoad : 6363-6367 6.13 Xia Wang .pdf
Circulating Tumor Cells are Associated with Bone Metastasis of Lung Cancer
Min Cheng et al
DownLoad : 6369-6374 6.14 Min Cheng.pdf
Is the Neutrophil-Lymphocyte Ratio an Indicator of Progression in Patients with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia?
Serhat Tanik et al
DownLoad : 6375-6379 5.27 Serhat Tanik.pdf
Descriptive Report on Pattern of Variation in Cancer Cases within Selected Ethnic Groups in Kamrup Urban District of Assam, 2009-2011
Jagannath Dev Sharma et al
DownLoad : 6381-6386 5.30 Jagannath Dev Sharma.pdf
Prognostic Significance of the Peripheral Blood Absolute Monocyte Count in Patients with Locally Advanced or Metastatic Hepatocellular Carcinoma Receiving Systemic Chemotherapy
Gui-Nan Lin et al
DownLoad : 6387-6390 6.15 Gui-Nan Lin.pdf
Aquaporin 8 Involvement in Human Cervical Cancer SiHa Migration via the EGFR-Erk1/2 Pathway
Yong-Hua Shi et al
DownLoad : 6391-6395 6.15 Yonghua Shi.pdf
Loss of Expression and Aberrant Methylation of the CDH1 (E-cadherin) Gene in Breast Cancer Patients from Kashmir
Asia Asiaf et al
DownLoad : 6397-6403 6.4 Asia Asiaf.pdf
Prevalence of Abnormal Anal Cytology in HIV-Infected Women: a Hospital-Based Study
Sirida Pittyanont et al
DownLoad : 6405-6409 6.6 Sirida Pittyanont.pdf
Analysis of Mammographic Breast Density in a Group of Screening Chinese Women and Breast Cancer Patients
Jing Liu et al
DownLoad : 6411-6414 6.18 Jing Liu.pdf
Relationship Between the SER Treatment Period and Prognosis of Patients with Small Cell Lung Cancer
Xiao-Guang Xiao et al
DownLoad : 6415-6419 6.20 Xiaoguang Xiao.pdf
Mean Platelet Volume as a Prognostic Marker in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients Treated with Bevacizumab-Combined Chemotherapy
Tolga Tuncel et al
DownLoad : 6421-6423 6.8 Tolga Tuncel.pdf
Overexpression of HER-2/neu in Patients with Prostatic Adenocarcinoma
Shokouh Taghipour Zahir et al
DownLoad : 6425-6428 6.10 Shokouh Taghipour Zahir.pdf
Dimethylnitrosamine-Induced Reduction in the Level of Poly-ADP-Ribosylation of Histone Proteins of Blood Lymphocytes - a Sensitive and Reliable Biomarker for Early Detection of Cancer
Lakhan Kma and Rajeshwar Nath Sharan
DownLoad : 6429-6436 6.12 Lakhan Kma.pdf
Downregulation of Cdk1 and CyclinB1 Expression Contributes to Oridonin-induced Cell Cycle Arrest at G2/M Phase and Growth Inhibition in SGC-7901 Gastric Cancer Cells
Shi-Yong Gao et al
DownLoad : 6437-6441 6.27 Shiyong Gao.pdf
Baseline Stimulated Thyroglobulin Level as a Good Predictor of Successful Ablation after Adjuvant Radioiodine Treatment for Differentiated Thyroid Cancers
Nosheen Fatima et al
DownLoad : 6443-6447 6.28 Nosheen Fatima.pdf
Albumin-globulin Ratio for Prediction of Long-term Mortality in Lung Adenocarcinoma Patients
Ayse Ocak Duran et al
DownLoad : 6449-6453 7.1 Ayse Ocak Duran.pdf
Five-Year Survival and Median Survival Time of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia
Ab Hamid Siti-Azrin et al
DownLoad : 6455-6459 1.28 Siti Azrin Ab Hamid.pdf
Stathmin 1, a Therapeutic Target in Esophageal Carcinoma?
Joao Agostinho Machado-Neto
DownLoad : 6461-6462 6.2 Joao Agostinho Machado-Neto [LETTER to the EDITOR].pdf
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