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  Volume 15, Issue Number 22
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VOLUME 15, 2014  Issue Number 22 Published December 18th,  2014
MiRNA Molecular Profiles in Human Medical Conditions: Connecting Lung Cancer and Lung Development Phenomena
Mohamad-Reza Aghanoori et al
DownLoad : 9557-9565 7.9 Mohamad-Reza Aghanoori [REVIEW].pdf
Are Beta Blockers New Potential Anticancer Agents?
Shahid Akbar and Mansour Saleh Alsharidah
DownLoad : 9567-9574 3.14 Shahid Akbar [MINI-REVIEW].pdf
Epidemiology, Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer
Muhammad Daniyal et al
DownLoad : 9575-9578 8.17 Muhammad Daniyal [MINI-REVIEW].pdf
Overweight, Obesity, Oxidative Stress and the Risk of Breast Cancer
Joanna Kruk
DownLoad : 9579-9586 9.22 Joanna Kruk [MINI-REVIEW].pdf
Olanzapine for Preventing Nausea and Vomiting Induced by Moderately and Highly Emetogenic Chemotherapy
Shi-Yong Wang et al
DownLoad : 9587-9592 8.15 Shi-Yong Wang [Mini-Review].pdf
Ursolic Acid Promotes Apoptosis of SGC-7901 Gastric Cancer Cells through ROCK/PTEN Mediated Mitochondrial Translocation of Cofilin-1
Rui Li et al
DownLoad : 9593-9597 6.24 Rui Li.pdf
Evaluation of Treatment Outcomes of Early-Stage Endometrial Cancer Radiotherapy: A Single Center Experience
S Demiral et al
DownLoad : 9599-9602 3.16 Selcuk Demiral.pdf
Polymorphism of p53 Gene Codon 72 in Endometrial Cancer: Correlation with Tumor Grade and Histological Type
Taiebeh Kafshdooz et al
DownLoad : 9603-9606 4.29 Taiebeh Kafshdooz.pdf
BRCA1 Promoter Hypermethylation Signature for Early Detection of Breast Cancer in the Vietnamese Population
Phuong Kim Truong et al
DownLoad : 9607-9610 5.27 Phuong Kim Truong.pdf
Clinical Utility of Haptoglobin in Combination with CEA, NSE and CYFRA21-1 for Diagnosis of Lung Cancer
Bing Wang et al
DownLoad : 9611-9614 6.27 Bing Wang.pdf
Lack of Prognostic Value of Human Epidermal Growth Factor-Like Receptor 2 Status in Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC): a Meta-analysis
Xiu-Juan Li et al
DownLoad : 9615-9619 7.26 Xiu Juan Li.pdf
XRCC3 Thr241Met Gene Polymorphism and Risk of Colorectal Cancer in Kashmir: a Case Control Study
Saniya Nissar et al
DownLoad : 9621-9625 6.22 Saniya Nissar.pdf
Efficacy of Aprepitant for Nausea in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer Receiving Daily Cisplatin Therapy
Kotaro Ishimaru et al
DownLoad : 9627-9630 6.24 Kotaro Ishimaru.pdf
Variables that Affect the Satisfaction of Brazilian Women with External Breast Prostheses after Mastectomy
Deise Helena Pelloso Borghesan et al
DownLoad : 9631-9634 6.26 Deise Helena Pelosso Borghesan.pdf
Hepatitis B Virus DNA Negativity Acts as a Favorable Prognostic Factor in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients
Xing Li et al
DownLoad : 9635-9641 8.14 Xing Li.pdf
Updated Meta-analysis on HER2 Polymorphisms and Risk of Breast Cancer: Evidence from 32 Studies
Wei Chen et al
DownLoad : 9643-9647 8.19 Wei Chen.pdf
High Rate of Advanced Colorectal Polyps in a 10-Year-Long Retrospective Study in Qazvin, Iran
Fatemeh Hajmanoochehri et al
DownLoad : 9649-9654 6.29 Fatemeh Hajmanoochehri.pdf
Roles of p53 and Caspases in Induction of Apoptosis in MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells Treated with a Methanolic Extract of Nigella Sativa Seeds
Mohammed I Alhazmi et al
DownLoad : 9655-9660 7.6 Mohammed I Alhazmi.pdf
Prognostic Value of PLCE1 Expression in Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Xiao-Bin Cui et al
DownLoad : 9661-9666 8.25 Xiao-Bin Cui.pdf
Combination Doxorubicin and Interferon-α Therapy Stimulates Immunogenicity of Murine Pancreatic Cancer Panc02 Cells via Up-regulation of NKG2D ligands and MHC Class Ӏ
Wen-Jia Wang et al
DownLoad : 9667-9672 9.1 Wenjia Wang.pdf
Exploring Factors Related to Metastasis Free Survival in Breast Cancer Patients Using Bayesian Cure Models
Tohid Jafari-Koshki et al
DownLoad : 9673-9678 7.17 Tohid Jafari-Koshki.pdf
Evaluation of Health-related Quality of Life for Hypothesized Medical States Associated with Cervical Cancer
Hideki Murasawa et al
DownLoad : 9679-9685 7.18 Hideki Murasawa.pdf
Prognostic Factors and Adjuvant Treatments for Surgically Treated Cancers of the Biliary Tract: A Multicentre Study of the Anatolian Society of Medical Oncology (ASMO)
Olcun Umit Unal et al
DownLoad : 9687-9692 7.21 Olcun Umit Unal.pdf
Lack of Association of the Cyclooxygenase-2 Gene 8473T>C Polymorphism with Breast Cancer Risk: a Meta-analysis
Xi Yang et al
DownLoad : 9693-9698 9.3 Xi Yang.pdf
The XPD Lys751Gln Polymorphism has Predictive Value in Colorectal Cancer Patients Receiving Oxaliplatin-Based Chemotherapy: a Systemic Review and Meta-analysis
Ying-Ying Qian et al
DownLoad : 9699-9706 9.6 Yingying Qian.pdf
Lack of Association between Polymorphisms in Genes MTHFR and MDR1 with Risk of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Madara Kreile et al
DownLoad : 9707-9711 7.23 M Kreile.pdf
Clinical Significance of Serum Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Complement 3a Levels in Patients with Colorectal Cancer in Southern Iran
Davood Mehrabani et al
DownLoad : 9713-9717 7.24 Davood Mehrabani.pdf
Health Disparities between Black Hispanic and Black Non-Hispanic Cervical Cancer Cases in the USA
Hafiz Mohammad Rafiqullah Khan et al
DownLoad : 9719-9723 7.25 Hafiz Mohammad Rafiqullah Khan.pdf
Increased Sister Chromatid Exchange in Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes from Humans Exposed to Pesticide: Evidence Based on a Meta-analysis
Hai-Yan Yang et al
DownLoad : 9725-9730 9.7 Haiyan Yang.pdf
Modeling Age-specific Cancer Incidences Using Logistic Growth Equations: Implications for Data Collection
Xing-Rong Shen et al
DownLoad : 9731-9737 9.14 Xingrong Shen.pdf
Hormone Receptor, HER2/NEU and EGFR Expression in Ovarian Carcinoma - is here a Prognostic Phenotype?
Lutfiye Demir et al
DownLoad : 9739-9745 7.31 Lutfiye Demir.pdf
Epidemiology and Prevention of Prostate Cancer in Vietnam
Hoang Van Dong et al
DownLoad : 9747-9751 8.2 Hoang Van Dong.pdf
Quality of Life among Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Treatment in National Cancer Centers in Nepal
Sajani Manandhar et al
DownLoad : 9753-9757 8.6 Sajani Manandhar.pdf
Comparison of Primary Breast Cancer Size by Mammography and Sonography
Jian-Tao Wang et al
DownLoad : 9759-9761 9.16 Jiantao Wang.pdf
Ifosfamide-containing Regimens for Treating Patients with Osteosarcomas
Yan-Yan Li et al
DownLoad : 9763-9766 9.17 Li Yanyan.pdf

Social Support and its Predictors Among Iranian Cancer Survivors

Safieh Faghani et al
DownLoad : 9767-9771 8.9 Safieh Faghani.pdf
Prevalence of Colorectal Polyps in a Group of Subjects at Average-risk of Colorectal Cancer Undergoing Colonoscopic Screening in Tehran, Iran between 2008 and 2013
Masoudreza Sohrabi et al
DownLoad : 9773-9779 8.11 Masoudreza Sohrabi.pdf
May the Platelet to Lymphocyte Ratio be a Prognostic Factor for Epithelial Ovarian Cancer?
Arif Kokcu et al
DownLoad : 9781-9784 8.13 Arif Kokcu.pdf
Association of Urinary Cesium with Breast Cancer Risk
Ya-Chao Qin et al
DownLoad : 9785-9790 9.20 Ya-Chao Qin.pdf
Gene Microarray Assessment of Multiple Genes and Signal Pathways Involved in Androgen-dependent Prostate Cancer Becoming Androgen Independent
Jun-Bao Liu et al
DownLoad : 9791-9795 9.23 Jun-Bao Liu.pdf
Alu Methylation in Serum from Patients with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
Danai Tiwawech et al
DownLoad : 9797-9800 8.14 Danai Tiwawech.pdf
Detection Rate of Colorectal Adenoma or Cancer in Unselected Colonoscopy Patients: Indonesian Experience in a Private Hospital
Aru W Sudoyo et al
DownLoad : 9801-9804 8.21 Aru W Sudoyo.pdf
Radixin Knockdown by RNA Interference Suppresses Human Glioblastoma Cell Growth in Vitro and in Vivo
Jun-Jie Qin et al
DownLoad : 9805-9812 9.23 Junjie Qin.pdf
Evidence Based Analysis of Cisplatin for Treating Patients with Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Xiao-Hong Shao et al
DownLoad : 9813-9815 9.24 Shao Xiaohong.pdf

Health Beliefs and Breast Cancer Screening Behaviors among Iranian Female Health Workers

Seyed Mostafa Shiryazdi et al
DownLoad : 9817-9822 8.21 Seyed Mostafa Shiryazdi.pdf
Comparative Outcome of Thai Pediatric Osteosarcoma Treated with Two Protocols: the Role of High-Dose Methotrexate (HDMTX) in a Single Institute Experience
Worawut Choeyprasert et al
DownLoad : 9823-9829 8.21 Worawut Choeyprasert.pdf
Clinical Features of Patients with Esophageal and Second Primary Cancers
Huang-Wen Tsai et al
DownLoad : 9831-9834 9.25 Huang-Wen Tsai.pdf
Interference of Fisetin with Targets of the Nuclear Factor-κB Signal Transduction Pathway Activated by Epstein-Barr Virus Encoded Latent Membrane Protein 1
Rong Li et al
DownLoad : 9835-9839 9.26 Rong Li.pdf
Significant Association of Metabolic Indices, Lipid Profile, and Androgen Levels with Prostate Cancer
Reshu Tewari et al
DownLoad : 9841-9846 8.22 Reshu Tewari.pdf
Decreased HDL-Dependent Paraoxonase and Arylesterase Enzyme Activity May Indicate a Worse Prognosis in Multiple Myeloma
Hamit Yasar Ellidag et al
DownLoad : 9847-9851 8.27 Hamit Yasar Ellidag.pdf
Drug Resistance Effects of Ribosomal Protein L24 Overexpression in Hepatocellular Carcinoma HepG2 Cells
Yong-Li Guo et al
DownLoad : 9853-9857 9.27 Yongli Guo.pdf
Genetic Epidemiological Analysis of Esophageal Cancer in High-incidence Areas of China
Kai-Juan Wang et al
DownLoad : 9859-9863 9.28 Kaijuan Wang.pdf
Diagnostic Aspects of Fine Needle Aspiration for Lung Lesions: Series of 245 Cases
Vladimir Kravtsov et al
DownLoad : 9865-9869 8.27 Vladimir Kravtsov.pdf
Brief Descriptive Epidemiology of Primary Malignant Brain Tumors from North-East India
Manigreeva Krishnatreya et al
DownLoad : 9871-9873 8.29 Manigreeva Krishnatreya.pdf
Clinical Safety of Chemotherapy for Elderly Cancer Patients Complicated with Hypertension
Ya-Dong Qian et al
DownLoad : 9875-9877 9.28 Qian Ya-Dong.pdf
A Systematic Review of MRI, Scintigraphy, FDG-PET and PET/CT for Diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma Related Bone Disease - Which is Best?
Wan-Wen Weng et al
DownLoad : 9879-9884 9.28 Wan-Wen Weng.pdf
Effects of TNF Secreting HEK Cells on B Lymphocytes’ Apoptosis in Human Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemias
Armita Valizadeh et al
DownLoad : 9885-9889 8.30 Armita Valizadeh.pdf
Developing Scales for the Assessment of Fatigue in Turkish Pediatric Oncology Patients Aged 13-18 and their Parents
Murat Bektas and Asli Akdeniz Kudubes
DownLoad : 9891-9898 9.1 Murat Bektas.pdf
Time Trends of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma in Urban Guangzhou over a 12-Year Period (2000-2011): Declines in Both Incidence and Mortality
Ke Li et al
DownLoad : 9899-9903 9.30 Ke Li.pdf

Risk of Gastric Cancer in Children with Helicobacter pylori Infection

Sebahat Cam
DownLoad : 9905-9908 9.1 Sebahat Cam.pdf
Improved Eradication Rate of Standard Triple Therapy by Adding Bismuth and Probiotic Supplement for Helicobacter pylori Treatment in Thailand
Chanagune Srinarong et al
DownLoad : 9909-9913 9.2 Chanagune Srinarong.pdf
Inhibition Effects of Lamellarin D on Human Leukemia K562 Cell Proliferation and Underlying Mechanisms
Nan Zhang et al
DownLoad : 9915-9919 10.2 Nan Zhang.pdf
Annexin A2 and CD105 Expression in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma is Associated with Tumor Recurrence and Prognosis
Ya-Kai Huang et al
DownLoad : 9921-9926 10.2 Ya-kai Huang.pdf
Serum Periplakin as a Potential Biomarker for Urothelial Carcinoma of the Urinary Bladder
Kazumasa Matsumoto et al
DownLoad : 9927-9931 9.2 Kazumasa Matsumoto.pdf
Prevalence and Characteristics of Colorectal Polyps in Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Iranian Patients Undergoing Colonoscopy from 2009-2013
Shahrokh Iravani et al
DownLoad : 9933-9937 9.2 Shahrokh Iravani.pdf
Preclinical Activity of Lobaplatin as a Single Agent and in Combination with Taxanes for Ovarian Carcinoma Cells
Xu Sun et al
DownLoad : 9939 - 9943 10.7 Xu Sun.pdf
Tim-3 Expression by Peripheral Natural Killer Cells and Natural Killer T Cells Increases in Patients with Lung Cancer - Reduction after Surgical Resection
Li-Yun Xu et al
DownLoad : 9945-9948 10.10 Liyun Xu.pdf
Long-Term Treatment Results in Soft Tissue Sarcomas of the Thoracic Wall Treated with Pre-or-Postoperative Radiotherapy - a Single Institution Experience
Didem Colpan Oksuz et al
DownLoad : 9949-9953 9.4 Didem Colpan Oksuz.pdf
Promoter Methylation of MGMT Gene in Serum of Patients with Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma in North East India
Mandakini Das et al
DownLoad : 9955-9960 9.8 Mandakini Das.pdf
Clinical Significance of BCR-ABL Fusion Gene Subtypes in Chronic Myelogenous and Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemias
Yuan-Xin Ye et al
DownLoad : 9961-9966 3.6 Yuanxin Ye.pdf
Silencing of COX-2 by RNAi Modulates Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Breast Cancer Cells Partially Dependent on the PGE2 Cascade
Juan Cao et al
DownLoad : 9967-9972 4.27 Juan Cao.pdf
No Association of Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1α Gene Polymorphisms with Breast Cancer in North-West Indians
Sarika Sharma et al
DownLoad : 9973-9978 9.8 Sarika Sharma.pdf
Differences in Cancer Incidence among Predominantly Muslim and Buddhist Subpopulations in Songkhla
Hutcha Sriplung et al
DownLoad : 9979-9983 9.19 Hutcha Sriplung I.pdf
Laparoscopic Versus Open Surgery for Rectal Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
Feng-Wa Zhang et al
DownLoad : 9985-9996 6.12 Feng-Wa Zhang.pdf
Curdione Inhibits Proliferation of MCF-7 Cells by Inducing Apoptosis
Juan Li et al
DownLoad : 9997-10001 8.8 Juan Li.pdf
Success of a Cervical Cancer Screening Program: Trends in Incidence in Songkhla, Southern Thailand, 1989-2010, and Prediction of Future Incidences to 2030
Hutcha Sriplung et al
DownLoad : 10003-10008 9.19 Hutcha Sriplung II.pdf
Association of Vitamin D Receptor Gene Polymorphisms with Prostate Cancer Risk in the Pakistani Population
Nageen Yousaf et al
DownLoad : 10009-10013 9.25 Nageen Yousaf.pdf
Fentanyl Increases Colorectal Carcinoma Cell Apoptosis by Inhibition of NF-κB in a Sirt1-dependent Manner
Xiu-Lai Zhang et al
DownLoad : 10015-10020 8.13 Xiu-lai Zhang.pdf
Age of Diagnosis of Breast Cancer in China: Almost 10 Years Earlier than in the United States and the European Union
Qing-Kun Song et al
DownLoad : 10021-10025 10.31 Qingkun Song.pdf
Risk of Cancer Mortality according to the Metabolic Health Status and Degree of Obesity
Chang-Mo Oh et al
DownLoad : 10027-10031 9.29 Chang-Mo Oh.pdf
Tobacco Use, Beliefs and Risk Awareness in University Students from 24 Low, Middle and Emerging Economy Countries
Karl Peltzer and Supa Pengpid
DownLoad : 10033-10038 10.12 Karl Peltzer.pdf
Diagnostic Accuracy of Ultrasonography in Differentiating Benign and Malignant Thyroid Nodules Using Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology as the Reference Standard
Tariq Alam et al
DownLoad : 10039-10043 12.13 Tariq Alam.pdf
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